“Perception is Reality!” Whether we like it or not, most of us will size-up a company upon first glance at their website, blog, print media or even their business card. A cohesive design can be the single deciding factor as to whether they will initiate business with you. Custom web design and company branding are some of my specialties. With the proper design and marketing, I can help you create an online or brick and mortar business presence that is sure to impress even the most savvy shoppers. Click on the “Branding” link above to learn more about how I can help you with all your business branding needs.


Graphic Design should captivate, convey and inspire action. This unique creative formula serves as a foundation for every advertising and marketing piece that I design. My job is to visually and accurately translate your advertising and marketing vision allowing your prospects to take a second look at your business message. Allow me to paint the right image for you.

Designing personal printed materials are my favorite. This design is visually and emotionally memorable for both the sender and the receiver. My goal is to encourage collaboration to create a piece that is truly unique and eye catching! Something that you, your friends and family will cherish.


I am an authorized dealer for Kaeser & Blair, Inc, one of the oldest and most respected promotional companies in the advertising industry. Kaeser & Blair is also one of the largest in the industry and because of this we have developed relationships with many of the industry’s top suppliers within numerous product categories. Some of the more popular suppliers include: Bic Pen, Dickies Apparel, Hanes, Carhartt, Custom Craft…and the list goes on and on. Click on the “Promotion” link above to learn more about how I can help your company with all your promotional needs.


Lissa is a hardworking and smart individual who brings positive attitude towards solving a problem or completing a task at hand. Plus, she is caring and a good team player. ~ Vaqas M.

Lissa helped me in two capacities. She assisted with vision and mission statement development during overhaul and restructuring of the company, and its coinciding territorial expansion. I also enlisted her aid in the creation of a major marketing effort and its accompanying graphics. ~ Chris L.

When it comes to Marketing and Design, she is second to none. Her detail, vision and creativity are exceptional and she has the unique ability to make others around her better at what they do. Her excellent communication, organizational and interpersonal skills make her a valuable asset to your marketing plan! I hope that somewhere down the road we have the opportunity of working together again. ~ Doug M.

I worked with Lissa to develop a corporate magazine for CFC Construction’s 25th Year Anniversary. Lissa was instrumental in introducing our publishing services to the Principals at CFC Construction, and coordinating the initial plans for the publication. I recommend Lissa for any marketing project, she’s very thorough and responsive in follow-up, dedicated and diligent. ~ Wanda B.

I have worked with Lissa on various marketing related projects over the past couple of years. Lissa has been great to work with and her attention to providing the proper details, made these projects possible to meet the time constraints we were under. ~ Neal S.

Lissa is able to manage and produce a large volume of complex proposals with detailed requirements. This is important when dealing with requests for proposals with lengthy and detailed specifications such as construction and development projects. ~ Doug R.

Lissa and I worked on several projects together. I found her to be highly motivated, energetic, and completely competent. She got the job done and was a joy to work with. ~ Steve S.

Lissa has proven herself to be dedicated, hardworking, passionate and insightful in her role. She demonstrates a great deal of discipline, self determination and an incredible desire to reach her personal and professional goals. She is an enthusiastic self-starter who pays attention to detail, provides positive and creative input and can multi-task with ease. She would make a great part of any professional team. ~ John B.