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I am an authorized dealer for Kaeser & Blair, Inc, one of the oldest and most respected promotional companies in the promotional advertising industry. Kaeser & Blair is also one of the largest promotional companies and have developed relationships with many of the industry’s top suppliers within numerous product categories. Some of the more popular suppliers include: Bic Pen, Dickies Apparel, Hanes, Carhartt, Custom Craft…and the list goes on and on.

Kaeser & Blair, Inc. offers promotional products that place your business name and identity or an advertising message onto useful items such as T-shirts, coffee mugs, calendars, pens, keychains or anything that we can imprint with a logo or message. This is intended to create a connection between you as the advertiser and the user to increase sales and/or patronage to your business. This is considered one of the most accepted and appreciated forms of advertising and is most commonly used for the following:

  • Customer Goodwill and Retention
  • Tradeshow Giveaways
  • Employee Relations and Events
  • Brand Awareness
  • Public Relations
  • New Customer/Account Generation
  • Employee Service Awards
  • Not-For-Profit Programs
  • Internal Promotions
  • New Product/Service Introductions

Visually, every business advertises with promotional items because it is the most effective and often the most direct way to deliver your message. Literally, 72% of tradeshow attendees who pick up a promotional item will remember the name of the company. Not to mention that most people will keep their items for more than a year. So, promotional products are an incredibly effective form of advertising.

I can help you use promotional products for your company to:

  • INFORM – let your customers know about your product/or service
  • REMIND – help your customers remember your company and generate repeat business
  • PERSUADE – convince your potential customers to use your product or service.

Contact me today to schedule a time to discuss how my services can help you get ahead in your industry!

Please feel free to browse our most recent digital catalogs. Click on the images below to take you directly to the digital catalog.

Kaeser & Blair Best Buys Catalog

Kaeser & Blair Windjammer

Custom Promotional Product Designs

Want your business to stand out? I offer custom design work for all your promotional product needs! Let’s work on getting your business several steps ahead of the competition!

Custom T-Shirt Design for a Nursing Home

Custom T-Shirt Design for a Nursing Home

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