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At Lissa Designs, we understand the stress of running your Real Estate business and the many details that are involved. That’s why we have crafted three comprehensive monthly marketing services and individual services exclusively tailored to help your real estate business reach its full potential. Our marketing services offer you the chance to take some of the pressure off and focus on what matters most – helping people find their dream home. When Realtors let us handle their marketing, they free up more time to devote to growing their real estate business.

Transform Your Business

lissa designs offers creative ideas

Creative Ideas

lissa designs offers creative branding services

Creative Branding

lissa designs offers creative copywriting services

Creative Copywriting

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Initial Consultation

Our initial consultation includes a brainstorming Zoom meeting. During this meeting we will meet face to face over Zoom to discuss your priorities, needs and map out the most efficient and beneficial course of action. We’ll be able to ask each other questions, brainstorm creative solutions and ensure that everything is heading in the same strategic direction. 

Following our initial conversation, we will have a better understanding of your real estate marketing goals. We will create a strategic plan to turn those dreams into achievable objectives. You will then be presented with a detailed outline of potentials – this outline is guaranteed to help you envision exactly what your real estate marketing can become! Having us by your side like this means you can take advantage of the successes Real Estate marketing has provided others, and now it’s time for YOU to achieve those same incredible outcomes for yourself.

Monthly Marketing Services

Our monthly marketing services option allows you the opportunity to outsource those pesky responsibilities without having to hire an entire in-house team. With three options tailored to meet your individual specifications, we can make sure your Real Estate business thrives without adding any extra stress. Investing in our services will be an unbeatable addition to help take your business to the next level.

Marketing Assistant

One Zoom Meeting per Week
Four 1600+ Word Blog Post per Month
Two Branded Graphics per Month
Two Social Posts per Week
One Newsletter per Month
Cancel Anytime


Marketing Manager

One Zoom Meeting per Week
Eight 1600+ Word Blog Post per Month
Three Branded Graphics per Month
Three Social Posts per Week
One Newsletter per Month
Cancel Anytime


Chief Marketing Officer

One Zoom Meeting per Week
Twelve 1600+ Word Blog Post per Month
Four Branded Graphics per Month
Five Social Posts per Week
One Newsletter per Month
Cancel Anytime


Website Refresh

Are you ready to give your Real Estate website a refresh? We understand the importance of creating a website that is true to your business identity and brand voice, which is why we specialize in thoroughly reviewing each real estate website to identify areas that need attention. After conducting our review, we provide a detailed outline of our suggestions along with in-depth ideas.

This may include menu optimization, incorporating relevant images, custom video ideas, crafting custom graphics according to our assessment and writing unique copy for an entire website. Let us help your real estate business stand out from the rest with a modern online presence!

schedule a free consultation with lissa designs to discuss a website refresh

Full Branding Refresh

In need of a Real Estate branding refresh? We are here to help with a complete review and fresh ideas for your current brand. From creating an email signature template to EDDM postcard templates, business card designs, property brochures, YouTube thumbnails and more – let us be the one who provides you with all the necessary tools needed to make sure your visuals are on point!

Full Review of Current Branding
Branding Guide
Email Signatures
Listing Presentation
Buyer Presentation
Property Brochures
Business Cards
Social Media
Direct Mail
and so much more!


We Can Help Your Blog Stand Out!

Whether you are in need of a single blog post or an entire content suite for your Real Estate business, we have got what you need! We focus on writing unique pieces that capture the essence of your brand’s voice. Our services are available at various price points based on the scope and complexity of your project. Let us craft captivating content tailored to help elevate your business today!

Custom Social Media Graphics

We specialize in crafting custom social media graphics, tailored to your Real Estate branding needs – whenever you require them. Our team of professional designers can help you showcase your business in the best possible light, helping you to drive more leads. With our services, you can create a unique visual identity that will set your brand apart from the competition.

Just Listed
Under Contract
Blog Post
Now Hiring
New Staff
and so much more!

Social Media Content Calendar

Creating content for your Real Estate business shouldn’t be daunting. That’s why we’re offering a comprehensive, one-year calendar of ideas delivered in an editable Google Docs format with daily headlines and social media posts that include hashtags to optimize engagement.

The content is developed using categories such as Ask, Connect, Convert, Educate, Evergreen, and Inspire so you can ensure your material is tailored specifically to the needs of your target audience in order to create engagement. Our easy-to-use platform allows you or anyone on your team to make changes quickly without any hassles. So what are you waiting for? Start creating meaningful connections today!

lissa designs offers a custom social media content calendar for your business


We Can Help You Stay Top of Mind!

We can help you with all of the content that you need. Our newsletters are tailored specifically for Real Estate businesses, and we’ll make sure that all of the essential information is included. You’ll be able to find out about home buyers and sellers, homeownership advice, recent listings and sold properties, as well as current industry trends.

Not only will you receive helpful information in your monthly newsletter, but you’ll also find some fun content too! This will keep things interesting for your readers and ensure that they keep coming back for more.

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