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How to Create an Eye-Catching T-shirt Ad

BREATHENike Air T-shirt Design

When it comes to advertising, sometimes the most straightforward ideas are the most powerful. This is especially true for a random object advertising project. I selected an arbitrary item and then used my creativity to come up with a concept, design and tagline that would work well together. After drawing out my initial sketch idea of this object, I reflected on how successful these elements were in communicating my message effectively – which was invaluable insight into developing effective campaigns going forward. In this post, you’ll gain knowledge by learning more about my ideation process as well as finding out what strategy led me to create an eye-catching advertisement!

Product: Nike Air T-Shirt Design

I wanted to create an advertisement that would appeal to a wide range of people, regardless of age or gender. To do this, I focused on a concept that incorporated the idea of air and breathability into the design.

The product is a new type of performance t-shirt created by Nike. It has been designed to maximize breathability and comfort while providing the ultimate support during even intense physical activity.


To create an engaging t-shirt design that communicates the unique features of the product in an innovative way.


Nike, a world-renowned sportswear corporation headquartered in Oregon, is recognized across the globe for their stylish and high quality clothing and footwear collections designed for men and women. Their products are well-known for providing support and comfort during physical activities. As a result, I focused my research on the brand’s sport-inspired apparel and its unique characteristics that could be highlighted in the advertisement. Learn more about Nike Air here.

Target Audience

This advertisement is designed for those who live an active lifestyle, especially athletes. It appeals to their need for performance optimization and comfort when exercising. The message of the ad reinforces the idea that they can get more out of their physical activity through this product’s convenience.


As a Coloradan, I wanted to create an uncomplicated design inspired by our luscious mountain air and verdant forests. This gender-neutral design celebrates Nike’s iconic Air technology for both men and women alike.


Let your body take a deep breath with Nike Air! Our tagline of “Breathe” perfectly encapsulates the product’s mission to assist athletes in getting more oxygen during physical activity. With its unparalleled breathability, you’ll feel light, cool and refreshed even when pushing yourself beyond what is expected. The t-shirt design makes it effortless and comfortable to exude those extra breaths while running towards success!


At the centre of this design stands a stunning visual – an air symbol enclosing majestic mountains and trees, accompanied by the phrase “BREATHE” beneath it. This simple yet powerful graphic design conveys its message in profound ways. The overall design is completed by Nike’s classic swoosh logo situated in the top right corner of the t-shirt. Each illustration may be dissimilar but with one common thought in mind: airflow! Initially, my sketch had a paintbrush instead of a line which was replaced on the finished product to finalize this unique composition.

Ideate This: Nike Air T-shirt Design
Concept Sketch
ideate this nike air



The final advertisement design is a simple yet effective piece of graphic art. The use of mountains and trees creates a sense of calmness and tranquility, while the air icon draws attention to how the product can provide extra oxygen during physical activity. Furthermore, the ‘Breathe’ tagline allows for an easy understanding of the product’s purpose.

Overall, this is an advertisement that successfully communicates the unique features of the Nike Air t-shirt in a creative and effective way. By following my ideation process and using a combination of visual elements and a targeted tagline, I was able to create an advertisement that stands out from the rest.

The Nike Air t-shirt is here to help you “Breathe” easier during intense physical activity!

Concept Mockup

The ultimate goal of this advertisement is to stimulate interest by highlighting the unique features of Nike’s Air T-shirt. This can be achieved by creating a visual that captures the essence of the product and its associated tagline in an impactful and aesthetically pleasing way.

Furthermore, this advertisement should communicate both the brand’s identity as well as its message to potential customers in a clear and concise manner. Ultimately, the advertisement should be able to capture the attention of viewers and motivate them to purchase the product.

By utilizing powerful visuals combined with a short yet meaningful tagline, I believe that this advertisement successfully achieves its objectives. The air symbol in the centre of the design speaks for itself; it conveys a breathable and lightweight experience that is further supported by the “BREATHE” tagline. This creates a comprehensive and unified message that is both aesthetically pleasing and informative.

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In addition, the overall design perfectly captures Nike’s classic look while still incorporating its Air technology – making it unique to the brand.

Final Design

By utilizing research, concept ideation, powerful visuals and an eye-catching tagline, I have created an engaging advertisement that communicates the unique features of Nike’s Air T-shirt in an innovative way.

The final product successfully captures the brand’s identity while still conveying its message to potential customers in a clear and concise manner. With this design, I believe that viewers will be captivated by the product and motivated to purchase it.

This is an advertisement that fulfills the goals of both Nike and its potential customers by providing an aesthetically pleasing yet informative design. By focusing on simplicity, I have created a visual that speaks for itself – conveying the product’s features in a powerful yet subtle way. Ultimately, this advertisement captures the essence of Nike’s Air T-shirt in an inspiring and captivating way.

My Final Thoughts

After much effort, I have created a range of designs that are slight variations on each other. Not just with their color scheme or style; but also in the mood they evoke and how they fit together as part of this collection.

Now I’m taking it to the next level by making dynamic alterations for every single design such as unique slogans beneath its symbol – turning them into individual shirts instead of simply one unified image across all. My goal is to create a line of products where every product looks distinct yet still connected under an overarching theme!

When creativity is stirring, the possibilities for new ideas are endless. However, as you now understand, patience and diligence are essential to unleash your creative potential – especially when it comes to fashion trends that consumers crave! Through careful research I have uncovered these secret desires of shoppers in which soon manifested my own creations.

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