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Transforming a Wall into an Impressive Barnwood Workspace

With the use of simple tools, you can easily create an environment that will inspire creativity!

When I first stepped into the house, my main concern was figuring out where to set up a workspace. As someone who works from home, it’s important that I have an appropriate area for daily office work. Fortunately, I managed to create an art studio in the old closet at the top of stairs – and you can see how everything turned out here! Additionally, since the kitchen had plenty of room and interior walls backed up against stairwells; those were ideal locations for placing additional furniture pieces such as chairs or desks.

This 80-year-old homestead had an incredible amount of land to explore; a little over one acre surrounded by towering trees and sprawling green grass. The main house was a beauty in itself, but it included a smaller cottage that needed some patching up on the roof. To top it off, there was even an open building perfect for storing recreational vehicles along with an old detached garage used as someone’s workshop and finally, no farmhouse would be complete without its very own chicken coop!

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this cool diy barn wood wall and industrial style workspace adds creativity

Although this property was situated within city limits, at its height it had merely 70 inhabitants. Sadly, in little towns like these there’s usually a prying neighbor or two which can be bothersome for someone hoping to lead an isolated life away from the hustle of the streets. For that reason, though desirable otherwise, this wasn’t my ideal spot.

Before Demo

I considered using this space for a dining room table, however it was too minuscule and the bi-fold doors from the laundry room would have opened directly onto the table. Rather than settling for an unpleasant dining experience, I decided to look elsewhere.

I turned a 1930s kitchen wall into a custom workspace

Take a look at the kitchen before demolition. A while ago, they completed an accessible addition to meet their special needs on the main floor. The extension of the kitchen plus conversion of one bedroom into a primary bathroom added space for both a larger master suite and outdoor entryway near where it used to be. Furthermore, each room was connected with doors that opened up into each other – making it fun for dogs and cats alike as they could chase each other in circles between them all!

Behind the bi-fold doors, shelves display a closed off original chimney with remnants of an attached pipe that had been connected to a wood oven. To facilitate laundry, they then added a closet for both washing machine and dryer on one side while the other opens up into the parlor or seating area.

Wall Demo

I turned a 1930s kitchen wall into a custom workspace

After disassembling the cabinet, I discovered a four-inch drop down to the original floor height. Unearthed beneath all of this were layers upon layers of lath and plaster that created an untidy footprint – not to mention some extremely alarming electrical wiring poking out from between them. This demolition task was more than just messy; it was dangerous!

Cleaning up the Debris

I completed the day by sweeping away all of the dust and tiny bits created after I stripped down the lath and plaster in the kitchen. When it was finished, this is what remained on that side of the wall. Afterward, I swept up any remains on its floor before hauling them out to my truck for disposal.

I turned a 1930s kitchen wall into a custom workspace

After disconnecting the electricity, we put in a new breaker box off the porch that could handle our upgraded electrical wiring. I replaced all of the old cabling and added multiple outlets to make it more functional as a workspace. With these additions, working outside has become much easier!

Adding Electrical

Installing a light at the top of the stairs was made simple after removing all existing lath and plaster. To make it even more convenient, wiring was routed up this wall to provide electricity for both a switch at the bottom as well as one on top of the stairs. Finally, to add extra illumination in our workspace an overhead fixture with its own electrical connections are now part of the setup!

I turned a 1930s kitchen wall into a custom workspace

To ensure that the inside of the wall would remain hidden and no shadows were cast, I added roofing felt to the existing framing. Additionally, I laid multiple layers of OSB plywood to level out a four-inch drop in the floor – bringing it up to match with the kitchen’s current flooring.

Barnwood Wall

Have you ever seen those beautiful barn wood walls on HGTV that look so expensive? Well, I had the perfect solution to get a similar effect without breaking my budget – an 80-year-old chicken coop! After taking out some boards of different sizes and lengths, I used an electric planer to clean off any dirt or debris. Once measured and cut accordingly, the staggering design was able to be mounted up the wall in no time. With hardly any effort or cost at all, this project utilized recycled materials for a one-of-a kind wall accent with enviable charm.

I turned a 1930s kitchen wall into a custom workspace

After the wood panels were installed, I completed the electrical wiring by adding outlet and light switch covers. For an extra touch of charm, I took some old trim pieces that I had stored away and cut them to fit the wall’s size. After painting them a crisp white, they were ready for installation. This wall is coming together flawlessly!

I turned a 1930s kitchen wall into a custom workspace

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Water Pipe Workspace Design

Imagining a rough, industrial-style desk for this area was the easy part! But after multiple hours of searching for the exact one I wanted, I threw in the towel and decided to get creative. With some clever designing using galvanized pipes from my local hardware store followed by a coat of bronze paint, I crafted an elegant wall-mounted desk that not only looks great but also is incredibly robust and space efficient.

I turned a 1930s kitchen wall into a custom workspace

To create the perfect shelving design to finish off my wall right below the light fixture, I chose different pieces of galvanized steel. Then, I added flanges that allowed me to attach it securely and 3-way tees for additional support on the mounted section. This way, you’re guaranteed a sturdy shelf with decorative accents–the best of both worlds!

I turned a 1930s kitchen wall into a custom workspace

After I assembled the shelf components, I gave them a coat of Rust-Oleum Metallic Flat Burnished Amber for that perfect match with my lighting fixture.

Workspace Shelving Install

After properly securing the shelving frame to the wall, I drilled holes into its front corners and inserted a 10″ pipe through them in order to stabilize it. Then, leveraging elbow and 3-way tee pieces as support beams, my shelf comfortably sat atop them. To complete an authentic rustic look, I also added an Edison light bulb for good measure!

I turned a 1930s kitchen wall into a custom workspace

Completed Shelf

After I had put up the bottom board I noticed that the light was too close to the top one. To assemble shelves, I split a longboard into two sections and secured them with end caps and four L brackets. I wished that I had mounted these in the center of my wall for better symmetry. Plus both upper boards were not the same length!

I turned a 1930s kitchen wall into a custom workspace

I was able to snag this stunning galvanized steel windmill from an estate auction! Finding a few antique ball jars and insulators at another auction completed the décor. This added a delightful splash of color that meshed perfectly with the rustic feel. Adding some baskets for clandestine storage was just the finishing touch.

Water Pipe Desk Design

As a tall individual, I needed something more than your run-of-the-mill desk that left me hunched over. That’s why I decided to craft a workspace consisting of bookshelves for the sake of consistency and aesthetic. To ensure optimal support and an immaculate design, flanges were mounted to both the wall and floor. I used 3-way tees to level out the board supporting my desk space. I then added an end cap close pipe piece that secured it all together!

I turned a 1930s kitchen wall into a custom workspace

This image displays the variance in height from a typical desk. I covered plywood with vinyl flooring and used bronze-tinted carpet trim to separate these two different types of floor coverings. The look was finalized by spray painting both components of the desk frame. I used Rust-Oleum Metallic Flat Burnished Amber for consistency. Rust-Oleum Metallic Flat Burnished Amber for consistency.

Completed Workspace

I turned a 1930s kitchen wall into a custom workspace

To create a functional and aesthetically pleasing stand for my computer tower. I used a remnant of wood from the top shelf. For mounting the stand to the wall, industrial strength brackets served as an ideal solution. Sturdy PVC pipes created legs to complete this unique design. I even spray painted them with matching Rust-Oleum paint that also adorns our water pipes! Ultimately, contrasting flooring and carpet trim pieces distinguish this distinctive piece in our kitchen space.

With my mild OCD, I couldn’t stand to have the misaligned baskets in that first photo. I eventually found an identical one and placed it on the shelf unit. To further enhance its beauty, I even added a custom-made windmill constructed from brass tubing and bolts – absolutely stunning!

I turned a 1930s kitchen wall into a custom workspace

I’m thrilled with the final look of this workspace! The outcome is even more impressive than I had anticipated.

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